Pison Story

Coffee is the lifeblood of Bali

Story of Pison

Pison Story

Pison Indonesia was established in 2014 by founder Arlini Wibowo. Our journey began with Pison Petitenget, located in the bustling heart of Petitenget Street. This Sydney inspired cafe quickly became known for its unparalleled coffee quality and vibrant atmosphere.

Following the success of our first location, we expanded to Ubud with the opening of Pison Ubud. Situated in the center of Ubud, this second establishment offers stunning views of iconic rice fields and a menu of delicious food and beverages.

Our growth continued with the introduction of Cerita Manisan, conveniently located behind Pison Ubud. Cerita Manisan presents a variety of modern Indonesian cuisine in a chic setting, designed to transport guests to the colonial era with its curated playlist and ambiance.

In Jakarta, Pison Indonesia has made its mark with two branches: Pison Senopati and Pison Thamrin. Both locations cater to the city’s desire for exceptional food and coffee in a cozy setting, perfect for comfort meals, quick coffee stops, or hanging out with friends.

At Pison, we pride ourselves on delivering a complete experience, whether you seek a relaxing meal, a quality cup of coffee, or a lively atmosphere with music. Join us and discover the unique offerings that each of our locations has in store.

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